Airbnb and Holiday Home Condition Check

We Record Any Damages and Violations

Why Do You Need a Condition Report Service?

Put an Immediate End to Unauthorised Activities

Are you worried there’s a party going on and disturbing the neighbours? Or maybe there are some signs of vandalism? Have excess guests been let inside without your knowledge or permission? With a rental condition inspection and report, you can easily put an end to all kinds of unauthorised activities and eliminate the risk of additional damage being caused. The HLS professionals are ready to carry out an inspection 24/7, simplifying the process of handling emergencies in a lightning-fast manner.

Get a Thorough Damage Report

In some instances, property damage would be unavoidable. When this happens, it’s in your best interest to get a detailed condition report to file an iron-clad insurance claim. We are aware of the Airbnb damage policy, as well as how short term rental insurance works. After an inspection, we’ll draft a thorough rental condition report of damage incurred. The report will also feature evidence to build a solid case and getting the compensation needed to recover from the accident.

Make a Successful Holiday Home Insurance Claim

Linked to the above benefit, a holiday rental condition check and report creation is the ultimate way to benefit from a successful insurance claim. As an Airbnb property owner, you’re entitled to certain protections. If you’ve done some research, however, you know that various property owners have managed to claim their insurance coverage. With a professionally-drafted report, you increase your chances of success and financial compensation.

Maximise Your Own Safety

Dealing with rambunctious guests is never pleasant and sometimes, it can even be dangerous. If you’re concerned about your own safety, a professional property inspection would make sense. At HLS, we have the knowledge and the experience to handle all kinds of emergencies and accidents, diffusing those situations and minimising the risk of escalation.

What types of activities we can put in the report

HLS staff is recording any damage to the holiday property