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Lost Keys

There are multiple scenarios in which a lockout service makes sense. Here’s one of the most common situations. Even the most careful of individuals can lose a set of keys. Guests who run into such a problem will need quick and effective assistance. HLS can respond immediately to minimise discomfort and inconvenience.

Misplaced Keys

Keys are not in their usual spot? It’s been misplaced or accidentally tucked away in the wrong drawer? Finding a misplaced key will often take up way too much time. The provision of a spare key can save everyone lots of trouble while the misplaced key is being searched for.

Guests Locking Themselves Out

In a sightseeing hurry, guests leave the house key on the kitchen table and lock themselves out. That’s a sticky situation nobody wants to experience. Based on our experience, this is another lockout scenario that occurs fairly often. HLS staff members can be called to let guests inside the rental. It’s a no-fuss solution for everyone involved. 

Do You Need a Lockout Service as an Airbnb Property Owner?

No Emergencies to Handle During the Night

People on vacation and those visiting a new place for fun are likely to go out at any time. Lockout emergencies can easily occur in the middle of the night. Unless you want to be available for assistance 24/7, a specialised guest lockout solution will make sense.

Improved Guest Satisfaction

Even if house visitors are the ones responsible for a lost or misplaced key, they’ll still expect assistance on your behalf. With a guest lockout solution, you can deliver fast and reliable assistance. As a result, guest satisfaction will increase. This happiness with the stay is undoubtedly going to have a positive effect on your reputation establishment efforts.

Rapid Response

The HLS staff members are available 24/7 to address various kinds of emergencies, including lockout situations. As an Airbnb property owner, you probably can’t respond immediately in every situation. A dedicated lockout service will improve response times and ensure everyone’s satisfaction with the outcome of the situation.

Everyone’s Safety Is Guaranteed!

Both your safety and the well-being of guests are guaranteed with a lockout service. You wouldn’t have to leave your home in the middle of the night and renters will need to wait only a short amount of time before they’re let into the flat.

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