Holiday Letting Security Gold Coast

Changing your perception of security

Are you involved in the short-term rental market? Are you running an Airbnb, Stayz, or one of the many other holiday letting properties?
Are you seeking comprehensive security solutions that will give you peace of mind, and guarantee an outstanding client experience?

Holiday Letting Security (HLS) has you covered!

Managing Holiday Properties Has Never Been So Easy

  • Effortless Guest Management

    Knowing what guests are doing and taking action when a problem arises isn’t just time-consuming – it can be incredibly difficult if you don’t have the experience required to diffuse the situation.

    But we don’t just assist you when issues arise – we make sure your clients are taken good care of. With HLS, you can rest assured that guests are completely satisfied with their stay.

    A partnership with HLS can result in satisfied clients, happy neighbours and better business opportunities for you.

  • Better Property Reviews

    Speaking of satisfied guests, working with HLS will have a direct positive impact on your Airbnb and Stayz reviews (and you know just how important these are for attracting new guests).

    A good review is worth a lot, as people rely on online testimonials to make up their minds about a service. The more you have to offer to guests, the more likely they are to leave some stellar feedback! And with the comprehensive services offered by HLS, you can easily go above and beyond their expectations.

  • Guaranteed Safety for Yourself and Your Property

    At the end of the day, renting out your property is a long-term form of investment. You need to make sure it is in good condition. It is also essential to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of neighbours if you were to utilise the Airbnb model in the long run.

    There’s always a risk of having to deal with dangerous guests. Leave that to the professionals as a confrontation can have dire consequences, especially if you’re clueless about how to handle certain risky situations.

The HLS Advantages

HLS provides not just one but 4 solutions for the most common issues in the holiday rental market. Aimed to fulfil the market demand, We’ve even developed packages with flexible prices for holiday homeowners with multiple properties management needs.

Our Membership

Subscribe, verify, and… you’re all set!

Partnered with Executive Security Protection Services

Our partnership with Exclusive Protection Services (EPS) provides exceptional opportunities for the proper addressing of our clients’ needs. EPS is a premium security service company founded by Scott Jervis, a protection specialist with over  22 years of experience. The HLS and EPS partnership has been ongoing for many years, delivering tailored security solutions to clients. If you need more extensive assistance with your holiday property rentals, you can count on the collaboration between HLS and EPS.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Holiday Letting Security (HLS)?

    Holiday Letting Security (HLS) is a holiday home guest management company that provides services covering multi-facets of holiday home management. We solve the most common problems homeowners may face in the holiday rental market with a wide range of solutions found in one membership package.

  • Do I need this service?

    HLS provides several services to solve various types of problems that might occur during a holiday home stay: on-call security, damage report, and lockout service. If you are a holiday home, Airbnb, or Stayz owner, you might have met one of the problems our services cover. Please visit the service pages for more details about the solutions we provide.

  • How does this membership work?

    Regardless of the package you choose, HLS will contact you to register your property details and owner information. Once it’s done, depending on the services you subscribe to, you might need to hand over access to the properties to HLS’s staff. Lastly, before each guest’s stay, you will need to contact HLS to provide a guest list with their details so we can verify them during their stay.

  • What if I need only one service?

    That’s absolutely fine! HLS provides flexible packages catering for customers with different needs. You only pay for what you actually need. If you still have doubts about the membership or packages or wish to enquire for singular services, please contact one of our team members today!

  • Can I subscribe to the service(s) if my property is not on the Gold Coast?

    Sorry, our service is currently only available to properties within and surrounding the Gold Coast region. However, we are planning to expand to other regions soon! If your properties are not on the Gold Coast, please contact our team for more information.